Service | Star Finder Optical

Giving the correct and exemplary vision test for customers is always our top priority.

Our proficient optometrists take care of the long term health of your eyes using sophisticated eye testers.
And when you choose Star Finder Opticians, you are in safe hands.

In addition, our Competent Opticians will perfectly dispense your eyeglasses and adjust them based on your vision and face information.

Lastly, our staff will check your new glasses if it fits properly. Also, they ensure that you have clear, comfortable vision, making any adjustments when necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

Hence, every pair of glasses is individually made to meet your vision requirements and lifestyle needs

Highest standards of service.

At Starfinder Optical, we aim to provide you the highest standards of service.

Free adjustment, consultation.

Free Wi-Fi, coffee, hot chocolate, and candies in the store.

Products are displayed in open modules for shoppers’ convenience and easy access to our merchandise

Patient registration

We get some of your personal details to tailor-fit your vision needs.


– Analysing your current eyewear
– Electronic measuring of how your eyes focus
– Testing your vision
– Checking if your eyes are healthy – inside and out
– Diagnosing if you have diseases such as cataract and glaucoma
– Determining the prescription that gives you the clearest
– Most comfortable vision possible

Report and recommendation

– Discussing our findings with you
– Making a recommendation tailored to your personal needs
– Eye tests are bulk billed to Medicare so there are no out of pocket expenses for you

The world’s top lens brands

with Starfinder.

We have all types of lenses that you need-progressice, photochromic, polycarbonate, etc.
supplied by top brands such an Essilor, Nikon, Hoya, Seiko, and other trusted brands.