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Look at you,

It’s So You

Haven’t found your style yet? Discover who you are with So You!
Meaning “mine” in Korean, your own personality will truly shine when you wear SoYou!
It comes in popular designs and is made of tetoron-rayon material for durability, lightweight and comfortable wear.
So You! is definitely a must-have fashion accessory to complete your look

Looks great on anybody,

but it’s not ordinary.


We wanted to create eyeglasses which look great on anyone.
Usually, fashion brands tend to be trendy but they all look the same and cliché.
To go beyond that, we analyze and study more than hundreds of considerations such as facial features,
our eyes, skin color, angles, etc. to complete the SoYou eyewear design.

Adapts to the generation of the youth

Amid rapidly changing fashion trends, only the basic style can embrace the whole flood of items.
However, being basic is boring. The youth in Korea tend to respond quickly on the ever-changing fashion trends whilst expressing
their uniqueness and individuality.
We prioritize to face this challenge by crafting the perfect eyewear that satisfies your needs.

Bold Outline

The SoYou eyewear is carefully designed to be a bit bolder compared to the common frames to emphasize the vintage and nostalgic feel. This also helps to make the face look smaller.

Triple Color Coating

SoYou is highly resistant to scratches
because of our innovative triple coating materials.
The matte finished coating of SoYou reflects
delectable color palettes, while the glossy variant showcases
a cheerful palette.

Amazing Flexibility

Our eyeglasses are already the extensions of our body, especially the eyes, as we wear it all throughout the day.
With that, our eyewear should be comfortable. This is the concept we looked into upon selecting the materials
on crafting the SoYou eyewear. SoYou is made from the finest Tetra-Rayon from Korea which makes it light and very flexible. It is also high resistant to shock and damage which makes this eyewear the perfect choice to bring in
every wild adventure you wish to pursue.

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