The Star Pass - Star Finder Optical

You’re awesome.

Starfinder Optical recognizes your efforts on improving the online community and the digital world. As our way of saying thanks for doing an awesome job in making people happy and being a role model in fashion, lifestyle, and the like, you just have to head on to our branch in SM Southmall – SFPlus and get this awesome gift we have prepared especially for you.

Starfinder Optical is fashion eyewear from South Korea. We’re eager to set Korean eyewear trends in the Philippines to give the perfect eyewear style that every Filipinos deserve. So, for the next 13 days – from May 19, Friday, to May 31, Thursday – we’re giving special lenses and awesome gifts!

To give you an idea on how this should go, all you have to do is show the email you received from us and our staff would gladly assist you in finding yourself the perfect pair. If you didn’t receive an email, you could still get our awesome gift! Just show our staff your social media account and we’ll get you going! We are not all about style. With this Starter pack, we’ve put Bluecut lenses in your eyewear. Bluecut lenses blocks 99% of harmful blue light and dangerous UV light that your phones, laptops, and other devices produce. We at Starfinder want to see you create more contents with a better set of protection with our Bluecut lenses!  

We don’t expect anything in return, but if you could help us spread the word about this event, we could give out a new set of Starter Packs with better freebies on all Starfinder Optical branches. We’re excited for you to be a part of our special event! See you at SFPlus, SM Southmall!